Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Starting all over again... the c-diet

After these great months of being busy with everything, someway, somehow, something else returned, without telling me it did. Weight. Too much. Ouch. And because I know I have to for my health, the weight-loss has to start. Again. No, I am not yoyo-ing. I am the yoyo. And I was so on the way to being a healthy weight! It is my forever fight. There are social eaters, who eat when others eat. There are emotional eaters, who eat whenever they feel, well, eehhh.. something, and there are circumstantial eaters, who eat when they see food. I am all three.

So back on track. And I decided I would follow the American C-diet. You might have never heard of it. That's true. I invented it myself. The American C-diet is very simple. You can eat everything, no problem. But of course there is a But. You can eat nothing of food groups that start with C. 

I notice some confusion. 
Let me explain.

No to Chocolate. Yes to Oranges.
No to Candy. Yes to Bread.
No to Cookies. Yes to Spinach.
No to Crisps. Yes to Noodles.
No to Chips. Yes to Potatoes.

You get it? And no fooling around like "This toffee is covered with chocolate en candy is inside, but we call it a toffee, so it is a T". No, if it is a food group with C, it is a No.

I think it is an amazing invention I did! Just check whether there is food starting with a C in it. And Calories and Carbohydrates are no food groups, but my intestines might be sensitive to them, so I will keep them in control. ;-)

So yes, I will tell you some more in the upcoming months about losing weight. In total 40 pounds. Ouch. 
I need chocolate now. I wish chocolate was written with a b.

Have fun quilting!


  1. How about.... Carrots? Good luck with your diet (the same heavy problem overhere...).

  2. And ....... Cabbage.... Good luck losing weight.

  3. I get your meaning with this. I am in the same boat and now need to lose weight again. My incentive though is my daughter's wedding. It is hard going and the weight is not shifting easily but have to do it. Good luck and I shall follow your progress.

  4. well...I think the C should stand for Carbs (carbohydrates)...and I am all for minimizing Carbs but..I still eat lots of foods that start with c...like carrots, cabbage, cranberries, cucumbers, cantaloupe and.....dark chocolate - which is supposed to be a good thing for us women folk...it has something in it that is calming...not to undermine your C diet, just sayin'....

    Of course, there is a joke over this side of the pond..the C food diet is any food you C (or 'see'), you eat...


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