Saturday, September 15, 2012

Weight loss report, almost 30% done!

While quilting, working and waiting for my Achilles tendon to heal, so I can start running again (and dreaming of a triathlon), I am still working on my weight loss. Even in the US, during my visit in Grand Rapids I managed to lose weight. I was so proud to manage that! All my readers in the US: kudoos to you! Chosing a healthy menu in the US eating out is a challenge on it's own...

Now my vacation is over I checked the result of my vacation: 23 pounds lost in total, of which 3 during my vacation. That means I managed the 10% loss of total body weight, which has it's advantages in height of blood sugar, blood pressure, risk of all kinds of diseases and what more. However, 10% of my body weight is not enough... I need to lose more than 1/3 of my body weight, based on height, muscle build and posture. 

To keep me motivated I check out websites and all. I am not as far that I can post a before and now, the difference is too little in my eyes. But I checked out this website where you can model your weight loss. I adapted the model to look a bit like me (does it match?;-)) and filled in the numbers of my starting weight, my current weight and my goal weight.

No, it's not a picture. I do have cellulite, my boobs are gravity challenged, my thighs are way bigger and at my highest weight I did not have a waist. But the idea is great!

A flattered version of me at my starting weight
The difference is little, but I do some change on the waist, hips and upper body...

An even more flattered version of me at my current weight
And at my goal weight, I might go out to the beach to show off my body in a two piece swim suit. Maybe not. But I will be proud!
And the version of me at my goal weight
Playing with the virtual model was great fun, and inspired me, now my weight loss is slowing down a bit. 23 pounds is a lot, but having in mind that I still have 57 pounds to go... I gave myself time till 1 January 2014. It came on in a years, so it better goes off slow too!

Have fun quilting!


  1. You're doing great! The fact you are continuing to lose when you aren't able to run and were traveling is a huge testament to your commitments and perseverance. I like that you gave yourself a realistic timetable. Good job!

  2. Misschien is die website voor mij ook wel wat!


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