Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Great IKEA ideas for your quilt room

Quilters are creative. Inventive. Can make anything from anything. Who invented scrap quilts? Who uses Snudda Lazy Susan to make a turning cutting board for no money? Well, there are some more ideas. Found the blog IKEA Hackers and found some great ideas.

First of all this "ultimate quilting table".

Made from 2 Ikea Expedit bookcases, 1 Ikea Numerar countertop, 4 heavy duty casters and 2 2x4s. Isn't that amazing! Would love to have one.

And then this ironing table, made from the Norden cupboard. Isn't that a great cupboard, although not usable for steam irons? Where is the extension to our house?

And even on that website I found this quilt!

I love to use the Jäll ironing board from IKEA and as said, the Snudda is widely used here in the Netherlands as a base for a turning cutting board. Do you have more ideas with IKEA stuff for you quilt room? Love to hear about them!

Have fun quilting!


  1. Goed gevonden! Die strijktafel is ook prachtig!
    Jammer dat er geen stoom op kan.

  2. I don't have any ideas, I only just discovered Ikea here. I love those ones though.

  3. Ja, hoor, ik gebruik heel veel van
    Ikea, zoals de opbergdozen (doorzichtig) voor mijn lapjes (op
    kleur per doos) en vond vorige week op
    de kinderafdeling een prachtige rol
    papier, waarop je lekker ontwerpjes
    kunt schetsen, afscheuren, weggooien
    en opnieuw beginnen, heel lang achter
    Groetjes van Ageeth


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