Friday, April 27, 2012

Paducah, Day...four!

Day Four in Paducah was Thursday. It would be busy today, so I was in the booth demonstrating. I decided to work on a pair of high tops with plain fabric markers and just have fun with decorating them. That was the best job in the hall, being creative and explaining people that decorating could be that simple, but that it also could be a bit more serious with paint and leather shoes. People developed ideas on the spot!
Sarah finished her shoes yesterday and came to show them.
And she immediately left with another pair of white canvas shoes! 

This morning I was sitting at the author's round table, where people who were aspiring authors came to ask questions. I told my amazing story (today I heard that what happened to me only happened to one other person before), and people asked about writing and the process.
Then I demoed for an hour in the AQS booth and people were happy to see what they could do to their shoes. At the demo a lady came to see me. She was one of the ladies who kept me last year for 45 minutes, talking about my shoes, and having a picture taken with the shoes next to my head. Imagine that, after 3 days walking on them!

Later on she came to the booth with a friend and we had a lot of fun!

Thursday night we ate in and had a shoe painting party. Bruce from Quilted in Clay had a pair of brown shoes, that were a bit, let's say, behind in leather maintenance. Julie and I sat at the table, she decorating two pair of her shoes, I decorated Bruce's. His wife asked me to make them a Burgundy, and I decided to put a log cabin on them. The result I can show you in the blog of day 5. Otherwise he sees them now already!

On day 5 I will be demoing again, in the booth and in the AQS booth. I look forward how Bruce will react to the shoes. Promise you, picture!

Have fun quilting,


  1. Volgens mij gaat het daar erg goed en is er serieus gewerkt in die condo.

  2. Volgens mij wordt jij een succes-nummer daar!

    Groetjes Debby

  3. Hi Annemart, sounds like you are having a great time! You must be so proud. More travelling abroad to follow I imagine.


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