Saturday, March 10, 2012

Ricky, the ladies and the pictures

Last Thursday Ricky Tims was in the Netherlands on his Whoohoo-tour through Europe and the rest of the world. Of course I had to be there and although my day job demanded to be there in the afternoon, I could visit his lecture "Just a Quilting Fool" in the morning. And my Quilt Mom went with me. I already had seen Ricky in Houston during one of his concerts and on the show floor, but to have a lecture was a different ball game. So there we were, Ricky and about 60 ladies and a scarce guy to listen. And we had great fun! 

Ricky told in the morning about his quilts, his background and how he machine quilts. And he told a lot of tips and tricks for machine quilting. When you look at the impression, you can understand we had a lot of fun and lots to see and learn. And we could touch all his quilts and learned how he did his quilting.

Unfortunately I could not be there the afternoon, but my Quilt Mom listened to his lecture about Kaleidoscope Quilts. I couldn't leave without a picture with Ricky and the promise to meet each other in Paducah with a pair of quilting shoes for him.

For the Dutch a visit of such a great quilter is an event on its own. And it was great to be able to take part in it.

Me and my Quilt Mom (and many other ladies in the room) had a great time. And I hope Ricky too!

Have fun quilting,


  1. Dat moet een enige dag zijn geweest !
    Heel bijzonder om dat mee te maken.
    U zit vast nog na te genieten.

  2. SO glad you had a good time... he always comes over as a nice person. I met him at The Festival of Quilts in Birmingham a couple of years ago and he was lovelly xx

  3. Wohoo! Ricky, Ricky! Geen liedjes zingen deze keer?

    groetjes Debby

  4. Wow what a great opportunity, you were so fortunate to have been able to meet him and see his quilts up close.


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