Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Cat watch on Splinter's Delight

My cat Splinter was complaining. Due to having the flu I did not work on 'his' quilt, Splinter´s Delight. When I recovered from the nasty bug, it was one of the things I started working on, next to the shoes and some day job work. So I began with my machine quilting. And Splinter thought he would be smart to check me out, whether I kept working on the quilt. So he started with laying on the quilt for a quilt watch.

And he made sure I wouldn´t put the quilt in a cupboard somewhere. As I continued quilting, he stayed in place. No way he would go, not even when he had a full quilt upon him. He waited long enough for HIS quilt.

Finally I convinced him that it wouldn´t be smart to stay in the spot he chose, as I needed to put the quilt under the sewing machine to get it quilted. So he decided he would put only one paw on the quilt, so he could manage that part of the quilt.

But in the end he noticed that the quilt was not yet to lay on. So he decided to stay in the neighborhood without quilt, but in the small ray of sun that peeped into my quilt room.

We´re getting there! The diagonal stripes from upper left to down right are done. Now the same for upper right to down left to finish my grid. Splinter has some long hours of quilt watch to go.

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Have fun quilting!


  1. smaart cat... NOT letting it get put away again!!

  2. Cats know that the comfort testing must be done very thoroughly.

  3. Wat een bijzonder beest. Hij vindt dus echt dat u moet opschieten!

  4. Tja, dat wordt door quilten!!

    Groetjes Debby


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