Thursday, October 23, 2014

1000 Awesome Quilting Things: #999 Finding the right needle (again)

For years I quilted with Piecemakers needles. Great needle, and size 11 or 12 did the trick. But somebody changed something and it wasn't me. The needles started to bend, to break, and weren't as sharp as I thought them to be.

Time for a new needle brand.

And then the Goldilocks syndrome popped up.

This bends too much. This one's too stiff.
This eye is too small. This eye is too big.
These are too short. These are WAAAAYYYY too long.

It took me ages. Until I found on quilt show a new needle, the ideal needle for me.

Just right. Not too stiff. Not too flexible.
Eye of the needle exactly the right size.
Not too long, not too short....

And here they are, the right quilting needle for me:

Clover Black Gold Needles size 12.


Have fun quilting!

Monday, October 20, 2014

Quilting again!

This weekend I started quilting again. Tiny steps, just simple hexies, nothing intricate. Working with Cherrywoods, working with what I already have. And I love it! Started with readymade hexies and a pattern of a bag I already made a few times.  It's my standard sewing bag in all sizes.

This one is just big enough for a spool of thread, a thread cutter, a thimble and some needles.

See the tiny one with roses next to it? Half inch hexies make a bag for my T.J.Lane thimbles. 

And now I started a 1 inch bag to take all my stuff to work, to quilt during commute and in hotels during training and courses. Love to be back on the wagon!

Have fun quilting,

Sunday, October 12, 2014

1000 Awesome Quilting Things: #1000 Refound Beautiful Fabric

To inspire me (and perhaps you!) to get quilting, I decided to introduce a new theme: 1000 Awesome Quilting Things. 1000 things that inspire me to quilt, that amaze me, make me love it. In no particular order, small and big things, anything quilty that's just awesome. So let's start with #1000 and count back to one! And by the way, so happy to be blogging again...;-)

#1000: Refound Beautiful Fabric

Isn't it awesome when you find a piece of fabric in your stash that you didn't know anymore you had, and it's just perfect? And as beautiful as the day it said it the shop that you needed it? You did, today. And there it is. Shiny, happy stash. The right color, the right size, the right pattern. Or a piece of fabric that you just love?

I found this fabric back today. As in half an hour ago.

Here it is, amazing fabric by Jeanette's fabric to dye for. It's a ultra sateen, bought at the first quiltshow in the US I visited: Houston 2007. Love it. Forgot I had it and found it today. Can't stop petting it. It's just amazing.
Now what would I do with a lovely fabric like this? I couldn't bring myself to cut it. Background for appliqué? Something else? Ideas?

Have fun quilting!